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A BEAUTIFULLY illustrated, fun, and interactive book for kids!

Our son gets so excited to hear the story with his name in it and experience the adventure with his parents. Such a fun book and great gift idea!

Cera K., Texas

Such a great book!

The illustrations are gorgeous and I love that it’s personalized. This will be a wonderful holiday gift.

Stacia S., Texas

It was a really cute book, and was fun to act out with my siblings.

Eliza M. (age 12), Washington

Captain Pabbu is a unique treat.

My kids were so excited when they saw their names in the book. The perfectly paced plot line and lush illustrations make it a great read for kids and adults alike. One of my kids really liked the activities. Another child liked that their name was in the story, and enjoyed the interaction between the reader and the listeners.

Luke M., Washington

Our kids love this book!

It was so much fun for them to hear their own names as the characters, it makes it extra special and one they always grab for.

Joya M., California

This book is FANTASTIC!

The drawings are quite clever and we love searching for the frogs on each page. My kids get a big kick from seeing what they do each time. The story is so engaging that it is impossible not to find yourself caught up doing the actions (rowing a boat, swinging from a rope, going up a ladder, and launching food from our umbrellas)! We recommend this book to anyone who likes to read with their kids and we excitedly look forward to the sequels!!!

Nate S., Washington

The book was so much fun and so well written!

Our kids really enjoyed that it was personalized making it feel as though they were really on the adventure with Captain Pabbu. That added extra touch helped to make it more life like and real, which can only help with a growing child's imagination. Looking forward to more adventures with Captain Pabbu!