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Easy Red Panda Craft

Published June 30th, 2021 • ~1 minutes to read

Written by Joseph Keeler

This is a super easy craft that your kids will love! Plus, it uses supplies that you already have around the house.


  • Toilet paper roll
  • Red and White paint/marker
  • paint brush
  • scissors
  • paper
  • black pen/marker
  • glue or tape

5 Easy Steps:

  1. Paint or color the toilet paper roll red and set aside to let dry.
  2. Cut out a heart from your paper and draw the red panda face
  3. Cut out a tail for the red panda and paint/color it with red and white stripes and black at the tip.
  4. Take the toilet paper roll and squish down the top so that it creates the "ears" of the red panda
  5. Glue or tape on the face and tail!

Have fun making red pandas!


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