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Captain Pabbu and the Buried Treasure is a rip-roaring adventure where you and your children are the heroes! Ride on a sailing ship, fight pirates, and carry away a treasure! Plus, gobs of fun things to do and find along the way.

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Recommended for ages 4+

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10% of profits are donated to save red pandas

The Children Adventurer(s)

Love that this book is interactive with actions and the ability to put your kiddos names in it!

Such and fun story and the illustrations are amazing!

McKinley F., New Mexico

My grandchildren loved this book.

It held their interest clear to the end especially since their names were included and they wanted to see what they were going to be doing. Very entertaining book.

Bonnie D., New Mexico

The kids loved seeing their names represented as the characters of the stories!

The illustrations are stunning and the overall quality of the entire book is exceptional.

Jim R., Arizona

My 3 year old loves this unique book!

From the fun characters, to being immersed in the story by acting out the scenes and having his name personalized inside, what isn't to love?

Janelle C., New Mexico

Our family LOVES this book!

Whenever I read it to my kids and they hear their names, they get so excited and are instantly transported into the adventure. :) Hands down one of our favorite books to read as a family.

Stephanie B., Idaho

This book is SO fun.

Story time feels more like true bonding time while reading this book with my son. He smiles so big every time he hears his name read and he LOVES the animals. My son laughs as we go through the motions and pretend we are really on an adventure together. I highly recommend this book! The interactive element of it is so fun and unique, and it's what really sets this book apart.